With all the ruckus going on over the Politico hit piece! Now is a great time to be inviting people to Mobile. The Gab community is making a concerted effort to drive traffic their way. We need to make just as much of an effort! Some of the 200 accounts named in the article were permanently deleted by Twitter as if last night. People like Hillary and others are weighing in praising Politico. Weird how within a matter of minutes of her endorsement accounts begin to disappear.

Ok I just signed up but have no clue what I'm doing lol! This thing won't even let me edit my profile or anything... Not sure I'll like this site as much as Twitter but just in case things go awry over there, I'm here now too 😉 toot 😊

Ok that would be great, cause I'm totally lost lol

An I writing a DM or is this message public? I don't care, just trying to figure it out

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