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1Signing the bill.
2)National Emergency being declared.

,,,and Hillary supposedly won the popular vote by how many votes again? ๐Ÿค”

Great piece to remind us all, of just what POTUS has accomplished so far. Keep this one on hand for those who aren't as informed.

!! New from the "dark corners of the internet" (according to @washingtonpost) More elusive than a UFO sighting or the mysterious Sasquatch! Post at

Your Sandy's
No planes! Choo choos! the Federalist just called @AOC โ€™s Green New Deal โ€œimmatureโ€ and โ€œit looked like something a high schoolerโ€ would write. Post at

Sharing what we have in store for 2019- 10 years of Ben Garrison cartoons- looking to publish coffee table style art book this year! Don't think we can find a conservative publisher- so will use crowd funding- any suggestions which to use? GoFundMe or Indiegogo? Will be 10 x 12 inches full color art book- so printing costs are high- here's a mock up of the Book cover from Ben Thanks guys! Tina

Your Sunday Montana Moment- from chilly Montana- minus 15 this am! Brrr


AOC's Bar - Drink up Suckers! for To the uneducated, โ€™s bar offers you the best in socialist hard liquor. To the rest of us, it just looks like kool-aid from Jonestown. Post at

Happy Valentine's Day to the good folks at :wall: ๐Ÿ˜

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