@RyanOlah Saw this roll across the boards the other day. Verified it myself. 😨 Holy shit! Too funny. :laughingtrump: :trumppoint: Now when will they break the truth about Mike?

@rsashe @jp @SteelTigers @Patriot48

@lolajl I went to the mentioned twit page and seached through the follower list. He was in there when I looked. Blue check and all. 😂

@RyanOlah @rsashe @jp @SteelTigers @Patriot48

@patryn94 @RyanOlah @rsashe @jp @SteelTigers @Patriot48 Okay, I went to that page and tried to page down but there are thousands of followers so I gave up. If only Twitter would put in a "sort by a - z" into that SQL query ...

@patryn94 @RyanOlah @rsashe @jp @SteelTigers @Patriot48 Can you go back and take a screenshot of that portion in the Followers tab?

@lolajl @patryn94 @rsashe @jp @SteelTigers @Patriot48 he has since unfollowed. But there’s tons on twitter just search
“If you like your Fleshjack, you can keep your Fleshjack” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

@RyanOlah @patryn94 @rsashe @jp @SteelTigers @Patriot48 Ahhh, thanks! Just what I needed. Stuff like this, you really got to verify, verify, verify. I'm a skeptic by nature, so that's where I come from.

@lolajl i may have capped it, but I'm away from the battlestation until later. It was a couple of days ago that it rolled across the chans.

@RyanOlah @rsashe @jp @SteelTigers @Patriot48

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