Twatler is boring, time to share fun stuff with my mobile peeps. This guy is worth watching.

Wake up mobile. Your time is coming soon! They are moving to deplatform us. This is the platform they don't control!!
Oh, and

What is your opinion on all of this winning? Comment below, please. Meanwhile. enjoy this victory meme. also uploading for safekeeping
*credit to @som3thingwicked

Everybody welcome my fren @RealBadFrog and say hello. Another patriot in the bunker!

This sweet tune was suggested after listening oto one of @Master_Jammz great picks. Anyone remember ?

Well, things seem normal around here. How is everyone? Ready for the coming days? Look at Parler and Gab. Not good. Here in our corner of the Fed? Snug and safe. JP and crew were on it. TY, patriots.

Currently phone posting so, not much in the way of material. I do have this 😎

Send out your prayers for Dave Mustaine. Exceptional musician that is battling throat cancer. Hang in there Dave! 👊

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Nothing like popcorn (for real!) and the to start your weekend!! 😂

OK. Try this. OK Go + your childhood memories. Ready for de mind melt? Click ⬇️

I promised another OK Go, so here it is. The techical minded among the crowd will appreciate the work that went into this one. 😣

Percussive acoustic guitar is our next stop tonight. I hope you are all enjoying the ride so far.

The funny thing is, they use the music and film industry to broadcast what they are doing, how things are, and how it will be. (or would have been) It's part of their sick fetish to lord it over us all. Example 👇

Did you guys know Hugh Laurie (Dr. House for most of you) is a musician as well? Let's take a drive over to a club I know.

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