The most effective elite killer on the planet. Trust Dr. Trump!

Ho shit! someone has to round out ! How 'bout this? Those who know, know.

Since literally no-one here will ever see this anyway wtf 😆

Ya know, people. If you invoke a hash it has to last an hour. It's literally in the hash title.

Alright @Mike4America post something random and amuse the board. What could go wrong?

Going afk for a few. HEY :_mobile_: ! We're posting random shit for an hour! Pay attention and join in!

@A_Digital_Soldier To pay out more rope for Herr Pelosi & Co. to completely go apeshit with and show more of their true intention?

Obviously in the vid vault now. This one defies description. Just watch. 😂

Did I mention there would be randomness if it was too quiet? 🤔 I'm sure that I did.

Remember :_mobile_: crew, if yer low on memes or have memes to add bring it to the . Where we go one, after all...

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