Keep this in mind :_mobile_: frens. We are on the offensive! I realize it doesn't seem like it at times, but such is the nature of a digital war fought with a Sun-Tzu strategy. Pull back from the day to day, view the battlefield from above and ask yourself what @POTUS would do. What part of the plan can you play? Are you doing your part? :maga:

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Might as well end the with an epic video. Thanks to all of the posters tonight. You all make this event what it is. Special thanks to @Jellenne for expertly manning the desk tonight. Stay awesome :_mobile_: fam!

Just gonna keep genre hopping to make people crazy. Not that anyone is listening. 🤣

Got anything to add @Mike4America ? Give us a song. Of course, by us I mean me.

Another great Floater track. Yer listening to what I'm jamming at home. That's the whole origin of

No video here, but the earlier Sublime made me wanna hear this so you get to hear it too! Happy :_mobile_: frens

Honestly, I'd like to see a return to the music video genre. It's run was far too short

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