It's nice to see that everyone here isn't non stop pander posting about murderers here. How are you, frens?

This might be my final shoah frens. I won't give jack my real digits.

Top fugging kek. Within minutes of reconnecting with my friend @ShadowedShinobi on TWT I get account locked!

Welp, I'll be back in a couple of weeks to see wtf is going on around here. Until then my friends, stay alert and look to your families. The world of politics has gone completely insane. Stay safe and cozy, stay hydrated , and above all stay vigilant.

Here's a lil' something a fren of mine made. It isn't nice, but it is true.

Here's another great vid I found. See how this is working here? Content instead of links? Anyone?

Bleah. All I see are links to twibler, links to YT, links to other sites. What happened to bringing content? Here. Have some stuff to make you laugh. You guys need to get out more. Sheesh. :laughingtrump:

Quick mid-week hello to all my mobile friends. Hope you guys are helping each other out and supporting each other. I may return more frequently soon. Maybe I'll bring some new friends with me. Meanwhile, it's back to the battlefield!

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Does everyone here know that the current administration has found and indicted more pedophiles that the last 2 administrations combined? Don't even get me started on narcotic seizures. Amazing what LE can do when they are not leashed and gagged.

Like for another song, retoot for another amphibian.

Hahahahaha. There is literally nobody here is there? Why do peeps not come here when they are in twitmo?

It's a shame that the died. It was fun while it lasted. Perhaps I'll revive it in the fall. 🤔

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Everyone say hello to my friend @ApuWalrus he is looking for a new place to talk with frenly people.

Twatler is boring, time to share fun stuff with my mobile peeps. This guy is worth watching.

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