"Now that the Trump administration has brought back the federal death penalty after 16 year lapse, now let's discuss Hollywood's pedophilia." newrightnetwork.com/2019/07/de

Shocking: ACLU Sues Trump Administration Over Asylum Reform in the 9th Circuit | NRN

ACLU, doing anything they can to shut down Trump...

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Countdown! 🇺🇸🇺🇸15 Days left to Pre-Order your of Cartoons! No- we won't be selling the book on Amazon! All Book orders upgraded to high quality paper and bonus stickers included! 1000 books available to public -400 left! 🤠 indiegogo.com/projects/ben-gar

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Fox News has its problems but I think this was a reach bit.ly/2Xya6dK

NRN now has a college student movt called The University Conservative , everyone head over to their hub page and share it newrightnetwork.com/tuc

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🌹 Dan Messed Up And Sent Flowers To Someone That Wasn't His Girlfriend, And She Was Listening! [AUDIO] bit.ly/2IlrLll

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The attempt to override the President’s National Emergency and subsequent veto have failed. The House did not gain enough support to override his decision.

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