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Fox News has its problems but I think this was a reach

NRN now has a college student movt called The University Conservative , everyone head over to their hub page and share it

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🌹 Dan Messed Up And Sent Flowers To Someone That Wasn't His Girlfriend, And She Was Listening! [AUDIO]

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The attempt to override the President’s National Emergency and subsequent veto have failed. The House did not gain enough support to override his decision.

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President Trump vetoes “reckless bill” put forth by obstructionist Democrats and RINOs. Promise kept for Angel Families and LEOs.

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Ilhan Omar (D-MINN) takes on Obama. Democrats get triggered. And Omar gets owned by a journalist. Still no condemnation of her remarks, though.

Must see interview! 👉👉

Red, White, and F You: Unapologetically Patriotic Spotlight | Interview with MINDY ROBINSON | RIGHT NOW Podcast

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