Wow, I'm at a loss for words. Compassion for one of our Veterans is a must. Misuse of our funds is a different conversation.
93 Percent of Donors Opt In to Viral Border Wall GoFundMe

@mobilicity Tim keep digging on that stuff though. There is a serious campaign to nuke this guy. Business Insider isn't exactly a conservative voice as I'm sure you're aware. The hit pieces on him have been intense. They claim that Go Fund me shut him down and was refunding all donations, that's not true. He did set up a different approach, as they couldn't find a work around that let them give the $$$ to the Govt and specify the monies to go to wall construction, so they're going it alone.

@mobilicity Look at his site, and the others in his advisors, directors group. Erik Prince is one of them, there are other respected names.

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