Stop wasting your money on college
Wow great read excerpt: You will be indoctrinated with a mentality of toxic victimhood and a hatred for democracy, capitalism, America and yourselves that is poisonous to society and your psyche.

Rep Devin Nunes CA files $250 Million dollar lawsuit against Twitter

One of many he says to come against many others

@jp VP of Engineering at Twitter

Read his tweets

@jp do you know who this person is? Go check out his twitter profile

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Bonus -
Update: The New Zealand shooter was a Far Left radical who committed his murders to frame conservatives and attack the United States.
GrrrGreat post at

Happy Saturday morning to all, from a rainy Joplin MO.

Wanted to share this video have a great day everyone!

I was thrilled to see this, President Trump actually tweeted about this. Finally by the grace of God something good is breaking ground.

I just noticed that if you go to Amazon and search for "The Mueller Report"

Look at what you get, The Washington Post, Alan Dershowitz and others all have books on Amazon and the publish date is March 26, 2019

Leaks? Seriously

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Reps. Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, two of President Trump's closest allies on the House Judiciary Committee, are asking the Justice Department to investigate Michael Cohen for perjury

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The brothers are on video admitting they're spreading misinformation & being paid to divide Americans. Evil people PAYING evil people to do their evil deeds.😡

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@jp has a great iteration of mastadon on his servers. The learning curve on mastadon in any form is greater than the typical twitter, reddit, facebook, or instagram user can grasp. But, the decentralized and uncensored nature of the platform COULD BE POISED to be a market disruption platform that will require traditional social media to take notice. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. @jp is a brilliant guy, but a grass-roots word of mouth will be far more effective than any paid campaign.

Never in my life did I dream someone could even make this stuff up, a virtual reality within the DNC> Virginia Del. Kathy Tran Submitted Bill To Save Caterpillars On Same Day As Late-Stage Abortion Bill … via @dailycaller

Finally some adults taking a stand, I was not a huge Sasse fan. Sasse is right to bring this to an offense, this has no place in our society, period. Sen. Sasse Tells Va. Governor if He Can’t Reject Infanticide ‘Get the H*** Out of Public Office’

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Gotta a pet?- Post your pics- here's mine- Our little"Grrr" doggo- Boogie. Turbo model Shih tzu!

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“Trump’s AG Nominee a Drug Dealing Assassin & Ruby Ridge Connection.
Defending FBI Snipers, Barr was top cop during the federal siege & killing of Randy Weaver’s wife & son.”
“The hearings for AG nominee Barr have focused heavily on his views on Special Counsel Mueller. But nobody is asking about Barr’s legal crusade for blanket immunity for federal agents who killed American citizens.“

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