To make sure the article or piece you're posting shows the image preview in your Toot, make sure you hit "return" after you've pasted the URL in your Toot.

@mobiledotco don't work mostly so far , may be 8-10% will show the image without sending twice !!

@bobo When you paste the url, then hit "enter/return" before you toot.

As sometimes it takes a minute, just refresh the page and it fully populates the preview. If you keep having challenges, let us know.

@bobo We'll look into that. Thanks for letting us know.

@mobiledotco no need to, i see where i was doing wrong ! Thanks

@mobiledotco now it's not recognizing the enter key, so is inconsistent !!

@Patriot48 @bobo As JP and team are continuing to customize the platform that should improve, but for now there can be a delay for a bit.

Your URL and info is there, it's just not quickly populating the preview. Thanks for your patience as we work on fine tuning.

@mobiledotco @Patriot48
Thanks for your reply, yes i see it got better then regressed so shows it being working on it , feed back may help ? !!

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