My takes on the impeachment hoax /tv show..

1. The lengthier the discussion,
The weaker the argument.

2. The practice of interpretation is the basis of lying.

3. This process will confuse the public severely.

After the dust settles will Trump purse action against all involved with the impeachement coup?
Nobody involved would be safe government officials or citizens.

People cried on Russian collusion- Personally I think the bigger is deep state / media collusion- will this expose that?

Can trump put a restraining order against nancy pelosi? Think he has fair grounds to stand on, maybe like she can't be within 100 miles of him? :P

Facebooks pushing the femboy movement hard now.. A little edit was necessary

If the news had more truth it would read more like this.

it would seem every 45 days or so there is some sort of contrived gun violence in the nation, interesting..

6 weeks of virtually no watching/reading news, check the sludgereport today to see this squad shit. These 4 women should be FIRED or whatever process necessary to eject them from office. Anti-Semites, hating America and anything that stands for the good of it. Speaker of the house - why waste words when 1 will do- shit.. Trump needs to drop the hammer on these fuggers. my god we all better off sniffing glue and reloading bullets.

The rabbit hole thats deeper than youtubes rabbit hole..

kiss your day,night bye bye..

hahaha facebook and instagram are down- ppl be freaking without there sociopathmedia sites workin :P

Somebody meme this shit up, I was bored, and photoshop self updated figured I'd try some new filters out..

was thinking "this is what happens when president bush tells you to stare at the sun" :P

Its time to sit back, chew bubble gum :D

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