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To access game-changing feature 😊:
Simply push the three dot tab under any post you want to “delete & re-draft”.
When you push the “dots” under said offending typo-filled post, you will see option “delete & redraft”.
Don’t worry! Your post will not be “deleted”! It will just pop up to be EDITED 😄👍 This is the part.
You can now edit & change everything about your post while all your original work remains😊 The only thing lost are your previous “likes”&“boosts”

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How nice to stop in without worry of not having a page and all of your post and access gone.

@jp You're the

:_mobile_: :maga:

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I'm good with this option too.
One suggestion: Solar powered Christmas lights. It'll be so pretty at night!

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Democrats are building their own wall. It’s a growing wall of big government statism, endless war, globalism, and higher taxes that race toward socialism.

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It is a mistake for anyone to confuse kindness with weakness. The two are not mutually exclusive. It is indeed quite American and therefore Patriotic, to choose to be kind, even towards those who do not share this important value.

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So, @DanielBarron and @KathyMicale, and you too @jp, I'm hoping to build a little real conversation here, and about one of my top most favorite subjects...how we won 2016, and the moment I really knew - from the data! - that we had.

Here's one of my absolute favorite charts I drew up and published back then. If you'd be so kind as to respond, really in any way, I'd be so grateful.

I believe this kind of analysis will truly matter in 2020, again.

Your thoughts?

*New Emoji Alert*

Now, you too can build your wall.
:wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:

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Good afternoon Patriots! 👍 🇺🇸 You can register for a FREE seat at tonight's live video webinar where we will discuss our new Social Network, mobile.co, with myself and @Tamaraleighllc , by clicking on this link -->> zoom.us/webinar/register/70c1f

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If you're interested in watching and participating in any of @jp and teams videos about Mobile.co, we'd love to have you. The videos are conducted on ZOOM so you'll need to download it to your preferred devices. You can do that here:


Its quick and easy. You can have live video or turn it off, same with your mic.

A link to yesterday's broadcast is on my profile, and we'll share when the next one will be later today!

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Welcome to everyone new! If you missed @jp video yesterday about what he and the team are building here at Mobile.co
Check out this link!


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Are you a TYPO machine like I am? 😂

Never fear, we have an EDIT feature here!

After you Toot, and see something to edit or add, just select the 3 dots below your Toot, and select the last option: Delete & re-draft...PRESTO it's an EDIT FEATURE!

💃🏽 💃🏽 💃🏽

No more autocorrect or fumbling fingers to make us look like goofballs! YAY!

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A great place to call Home ❤️

🚂 Toot toot

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Ill be here just holding down the Fort until 8am.
I’ll be in Church from 8-930am
I’ll return after my new Family!

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