In light of the Robert Kraft arrest and Jeff Bezos in attendance at the same superbowl party(ies), I wonder what was on that Amazon owned 767? 🤔
Cargo plane, carrying at least 3 people, crashes in Texas bay, officials say

@Bill_McLaughlin @Lone_Wolf @mobiledotco

A man that cooks pot roast.
💃🏽 :_mobile_: 🇺🇸 :maga1:

Oh and I forgot, Bill here's your hat! :maga:

@Jellenne @Lone_Wolf @mobiledotco Will do, just have a pot roast issue to deal with first. AOC would not approve.

Well, no stogie today. Too cold and rainy. Guess I'll have to trigger somebody.

Pussy roar? Isn't that called. "queef"?

Protecting borders. Yep nobody wants that socialism leaking out of that country. Well, maybe Bernie....or AOC....or...on second thought 🤔

@mandryee 😳 When I was looking at records for trips, it is amazing all of our money they waist... Ticks me off that we fly Representatives all over the world!

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