Question for the talented people...

I am looking for a program to change a color.

I have a customer that would like to change a color on his Motor Coach. Of course it would be nice to see how it would look.

He wants the cranberry changed to either silver or another shade of blue.

Always better to decide a color change before we start painting, but at least we are early in the game 😜

@jp Thank you @jp We always hope for color and behold 😂

@jp A little trash to wet sand and buff but the owner was ecstatic and decided to give us more work saying he finally found a paint shop 😂

Our booth might be a homemade booth, but the talent still lays with the painter no matter how nice your booth is.

@MAGA45 That's so cool. Would love to see more pictures!

@MAGA45 @jp You said that right! I said that a long time ago when the first shop here bought one of those 60K paint booths. Told everyone then that the only thing that it will help them with is the dry time.... you are going to get some dust no matter how good or how clean the paint booth is. I personally will stick with the downdraft system. To me it to this day still works better than the booths do.

@A_Digital_Soldier @jp

Oh yes that is my favorite. When I was painting Entry and cargo Boeing Doors for Vought Aircraft (Now owned by Triumph) they had the best one I have ever had the liberty to use. Amazing difference...

@jp I'll have to pull some pics from my external. Most of what we paint now, I can't show yet due to Confidentiality Laws and who wants to look at outboards LOL.

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