Who thinks there is too much annoying advertising filling up content pages all over the internet? Trying to read a news article on many web sites...we get bombarded with what seems like a hundred different pop-ups and banners sliding in from all sides of the page! 🤣 😂

@jp Completely out of control. If it weren't for uBlock, I don't think I could deal with it.

@jp Use to have a great program that blocked all that Love it.

@jp Re-adusting pages to try and read it is very annoying.


@jp it is to much, way to much, you delete them, and new ones pop up. Now this is nice bro🐰🐇 Toot Toot

@jp Try Firefox with the plugin Adblock Plus. I get no ads at all. 😀

@jp That is why I got ublock downloaded on my computer! Most news I still can read with ads blocked too!

@Fay_Mills @jp Same here! AdBlocker Ultimate on Firefox ALL Google related items removed from my PC right down to the registry level. I love AdBlocker because you can choose to not black ads on certain sites such as YouTube. The ONLY reason I leave that ad infested site open is because I have a few friends who are content creators. It helps to pay the bills.

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