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O-Motor Rocket Going Supersonic with a Speaking GPS πŸš€

This is serious nerd awesomeness! 😎 πŸ‘

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Video: Amateur rocket reaches 121,000 ft (full version) πŸ‘

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Hope everyone is having a great week! will be offline for maintenance this afternoon and tonight.

We will return online soon! 😎

JP boosted has been in litigation mode for a while. It's about to shift back in to business mode. 😎

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Like for another song, retoot for another amphibian. will be resuming social media promotions shortly. 😊

Hope everyone had a great week! 😊

Check out my live interview tomorrow night on Red Pill News

I will be back for next weekend's !

It was a good week. Hope you have a great weekend! 😎

Hope you had a good start to your week. 😊

Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake - Love Never Felt So Good (Official Video)

The Making of: Michael Jackson - Love Never Felt So Good (Fedde Le Grand remix)

There's a funny story to this video.

The guy you see dancing became popular on Youtube because he was such a wild dancer.

This group asked him to be in their video. It kind of works..decent song too.

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Not much of a video.

But a good song.

The Magician feat Years and Years - Sunlight [AUDIO ]

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Here's a classic. I wish they'd update it with a new video...but love this!

😎 πŸ‘‘ πŸ€

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