@jp has a great iteration of mastadon on his servers. The learning curve on mastadon in any form is greater than the typical twitter, reddit, facebook, or instagram user can grasp. But, the decentralized and uncensored nature of the platform COULD BE POISED to be a market disruption platform that will require traditional social media to take notice. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. @jp is a brilliant guy, but a grass-roots word of mouth will be far more effective than any paid campaign.

@johnbasham @jp
Curious as to why you think "the learning curve on mastodon in any form is greater than the typical SM user can grasp?"

You found this difficult? It works nearly the same as twitter. Insta is harder to understand on a mobile device than this platform.

@Jellenne @johnbasham @jp ? I found it easy to assimilate. Even w/o reading the guide. I may not know everything but, enough to navigate.

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