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GOP Sen. Josh Hawley takes aim at Big Tech's legal protection with new bill fxn.ws/2WLsY89

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Another wave of Saharan dust is seen blowing over the Atlantic Ocean in this view from June 18, 2019. that large amounts of Saharan dust over the Atlantic during hurricane season helps prevent storms from spinning up or gaining strength. go.usa.gov/xy3uh

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'Self-Righteous:' Dem Staffer Headed To Prison Today As Prosecutors Look To Make Example Of Him For Politically-Motivated Crimes Against Republicans


Jackson Cosko committed the largest data theft in Senate history + 'doxxed' R's during Kavanaugh hearing.

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Wrong. It is in fact illegal to cross the border outside a port of entry, even if seeking asylum. That’s what about 90% of these migrants are doing. They are breaking the law. And then when they don’t show up for their asylum hearing, they are breaking the law again. twitter.com/soledadobrien/stat

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Breaking news from federal court in Brooklyn, New York in the trial: cult leader Keith Raniere, also known as the "Vanguard", has been found guilty all on charges.

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*BREAKING NEWS* Federal authorities have seized approximately 16.5 TONS of cocaine from a large ship at the Packer Marine Terminal in Philadelphia. This is the largest drug seizure in the history of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. @ICEgov@twitter.com @CBPMidAtlantic@twitter.com @PhillyPolice@twitter.com @USCG@twitter.com

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When you don't understand the difference between revenue & profit: twitter.com/BernieSanders/stat

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Just submitted the MERIT Act, a bill to expedite the dismissal of underperforming federal employees & restore accountability in government.

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Inital unconfirmed reports of a Houthi cruise missile attack against Jazan powerplant.

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Something tells me CNN and the rest of the main stream media will ignore this. twitter.com/calebjhull/status/

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Today’s Hope Hicks closed-door hearing is a political stunt. Democrats are looking to recreate the Mueller investigation.

Meanwhile, the crisis on the border continues. When will Dems focus on helping the country?

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: Video of the train that has derailed in , is reportedly carrying army explosive devices and or substances...

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Overwhelm your opponent that he can think about nothing but you. He becomes so obsessed with reacting to you, that he's unable to mount an effective offensive against you. When Gen.Patton rolled across North France faster than almost any army in history, he was applying Boyds

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Wow, Burgess Owens just stunned everyone:

“I used to be a Democrat until I did my history and found out the misery that that party brought to my race... Let's pay restitution. How about the Democratic Party pay for all the misery brought to my race..."

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BREAKING: Federal Reserve is leaving its key interest rate unchanged, but signals that it's prepared to start cutting rates if needed to protect the US economy from trade conflicts and other threats.

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