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I honestly haven't enjoyed social media this much since I found about facebook in 10th grade homeroom.

One of my favorites...every time i hear some liberal say in that horrible arrogant tone, "I don't understand why you like that pig, Donnnnnnald Truuuuuuuummmmp," I think of this song.

Democrats are building their own wall. It’s a growing wall of big government statism, endless war, globalism, and higher taxes that race toward socialism.

So, @DanielBarron and @KathyMicale, and you too @jp, I'm hoping to build a little real conversation here, and about one of my top most favorite we won 2016, and the moment I really knew - from the data! - that we had.

Here's one of my absolute favorite charts I drew up and published back then. If you'd be so kind as to respond, really in any way, I'd be so grateful.

I believe this kind of analysis will truly matter in 2020, again.

Your thoughts?

Join us for a live video webinar and conference today where we will discuss everything you need to know about, at 3:00pm EST, 12 noon PST. Welcome patriots to!

@MAGA45 @jp I already posted on my twitter account and will do daily. It seems that many on Twitter are brainwashed in thinking that Twitter is the only game. I think its because Trump is on there and that why so many wont leave but we MUST have a conservative friendly platform. Build it and they will come... right!

It is our belief that before 2020 elections, most Conservatives will not be welcome at Twitter.

We can turn this around on them as we are off to a start right here.

@jp was the creator of the First Hispanic Platform that gained 45 million +

If we share with a few GREAT Followers a day, we can steal Home Plate with

Count on it. 😉

Any ideas ~ give us a shout out as we will be able to do many things.

Let's build what the people want and they will come 😎

For those that want to check out a Users Guide to get the best out of this Growing Platform ~ Here is a Users Guide 😉

How cool will it be to say you were among the first 100 or even 1000 users of a Platform that is sure to be a welcoming home for us?

Share and help us Grow.

Any Ideas ~ Give us a shout out. We can do so much and much more coming😎

Let's give a Shout Out to our Leader and Whistle Blower @jp for finding the perfect fit for

Pelosi and Schumer have NO idea how smart our POTUS is.

Happy New Year to all. Pleased to be apart of this New platform. All MAGA PATRIOTS WELCOME

Who wants to invite Nikki Haley to Mastodon? 🤔

The First 100, listen up!!!!!
I'm tweeting as many celebs (especially MAGA friendly) to join Mastodon. Try and tweet something similar so we can boost numbers and grow the snowball. Best of luck! WWG1WGA

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