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Want to find a good list of recipes?!?!?! Search "" and you'll see my posts/links to great recipes w/ video instruction. Enjoy! Remember it's never too late to cook the best meal you'll ever have! :maga1:

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PORK BELLY BURNT ENDS worthy of a Gladiator.

Hey! Did you miss me? I've been less active on b/c I've been more active on earth. I just recently got hired by a great company in the travel industry and have been dedicating a lot of time and energy to make the most of that opportunity. So my posts have taken a toll as a result. Now that I've got a routine set up, I should be back on here making more posts about great recipes and living life at the same time. I hope all is well, and I can't wait to see the next few years unfold. πŸ‘

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Bacon Burnt Ends!!!!! Happy Memorial Day!!!

It's been a while since I was tooting on here. Basically, I got a new job and have been busy training the last 2 weeks. Got 2 more weeks of training so I probably won't be back here for a little while, but I'm glad that I have a acct in light of the recent facebook censoring!! Have a good day!

Youtube, stop telling me what is and isn't true with your only source being wikipedia. I never used it (wiki) to write a single paper in school and I don't need it now....

If you pause at 4:51 and compare that map with 4:56, you see exactly what happened in 2016.

Maybe I'm late to the game seeing some unseen interview footage of Hussein (starts at 0:48), but I'm blown away 🀯 . I would have never voted for Obama if I had heard him say that!!!

Facebook now in full "Stalin" mode- deleting cartoons because of what? Violating their so called "community standards"

Footnote: For the normies who go hard at 45, and are sad about today's news....take a sad song and make better. 😭

Shout out to Trump and the Patriots, winning is on the horizon! :maga1: :qanon: πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ :trumppoint:

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