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Give me a 1 if you are from the Lone Star State!

@jp hi ☺️I need a little help, please. I am unable to watch YouTube videos on here. Any ideas on how to fix that? Thank you😊

Points to remember:
These United States are not a democracy... We are a democratic republic with shared sovereign powers between the people and the states. However the progressive 17th amendment stripped states of their sovereign powers. The electoral college is the only thing left standing between our republic and tyranny!

Points to remember:
There is no such thing as free speech, only freedom of speech. All speech is subject to consequences ( cost)!

Welcome all new Mobilers!!! :_mobile_:
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@jp Howdy, newbie here :) I seem to have forgotten what the name of the mobile app is on Android. Help, please :) Also, is there a tutorial on the desktop version?
Thank you!

5. This decision is not granted to the Speaker of the House but to the Commander in Chief. The evidence is clear and the American CITIZENS have had enough. The people are restless and time is short. If Nancy won't help, then declare a National Emergency and get it done.

With all due respect, sir, the State of the Union Address is a constitutional right between the President and the People. We, the People, will hear our President and we don’t need Nancy Pelosi’s permission to do it. I suggest the President address the nation on our National Mall.

Who believes that our border is less safe if we build a physical barrier? Who is it that believes that the caravans are going to be stopped by a ? These caravans are thousands of people. Every time the talk amnesty, a few hundred more people join a .

RT Drain the swamp- keep the government shutdown until the mainstream media we may be paying for is removed 👇

Congress’ Nonpartisan Research Arm Says Trump Could Build The Wall Without State of Emergency Or Funding

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