Deep State tricks Smokey into raiding Roger Stone's house with detour sign...

Pelosi insists no money for a pooper scooper until the govt is opened...

God help us all if the person wearing the hat smiled at you as welll...

I am scared of this hat. It frightens me and emotions are the only real things. If I could cry via text I would.

America be like - "We are not buying your drumbeat any longer..."

How many times does it need to be said? 1984 is NOT a how to manual.


No, really...


Very stable genius. Chuck and Nancy stood no chance.

Who knew this loaded question would become so controversial?

I'd like to officially apologize for all the jokes I've ever told suggesting the French will surrender before fighting. RESPECT, Brothers and Sisters!

Recently hired to play the role of Arthur Digby Sellers in the reboot. Bulk of the series...

Walls are immoral. Unless theysurround the house of the Pelosi Posse. In that case, walls are moral. Enemy of the people below.

Anyone else sick of getting Accosted by this imbecile? He should be prosecuted for deliberately lowering the collective IQ of the country.

I love James Woods! The problem with this advice is that the Russian judge would be indicted by Mueller before awarding the gold.

In the year 2045, her final dissent is disbelieved and a request to see her in public is demanded.

Nothing can prepare the minds of the Left for this. Expect MASSIVE cranial explosions.

If your income is too high, no free cole slaw. But mashed potatoes and gravy are a human right.

1.) Hate socialism
2.) Love hot women dancing
3.) Calling it a tie

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