@annvandersteel @jp Now that is a lot to take in, thank you guys for telling the truth. Why hasn't Trump seen this?

@Mike4America @annvandersteel @jp
That’s what we keep asking. 🤷‍♂️ Welcome to Mobile.co :_mobile_:

@Mike4America @annvandersteel @jp
Well - I will say, the biggest name in conservative cable msm media news -Cough Cough- has had this story longer than anyone. And has sat on it since - oh like way back July/August 2018. And never has done a thing with it.
Funny these are the same people who don’t do stories on OR

@RyanOlah @Mike4America @jp We don't need H or anyone there. Fox has gone left... and the rest of the alphabet MSM is a joke. Social media is way more powerful ! Never forget that!

@Mike4America @jp Great and thank you Mike. I believe he gets
summaries of news that comes in volume through social media. That is why he uses it so frequently. He knows it is the only real source of information. and truth.

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