The SetUp, Abuse and Lies by the Obama Administration targeting an American Hero, Lt. General Mike Flynn will be EXPOSED tonight 8pm ET on .









The final recap at the bottom of this article sums up just how the @GenFlynn was framed by the Obama Admin to help fuel the Hoax to undermine @realDonaldTrump

Kudos to Saul Montes-Bradley for this excellent work! @Debradelai


8pm ET Tonight!

The American Safe Families Act of 1997 has created a big business around adopting children out of foster homes. The net result is families are being separated and destroyed while niche businesses are booming selling children.

continues the coverage of Legally Kidnapping Children
through the financially incentivized CPS / Foster Care Program.

Monday 8pm ET

This article lays out EXACTLY what happened to General Flynn and why.

It will take you some time to go through it. It is worth every minute!…

Bill Barr on EO to ensure accurate count of citizens and non citizens live in our country.

SCOTUS recognized it is lawful to ask who is a non citizen.

Since 1820s Fed Govt has asked about citizenship.

Barr to work with Secy Ross on viable path to citizenship question.

Executive Order immediately!

Every dept and agency in govt to provide Dept of Commerce with all numbers on citizens and noncitizens in our country.

To gain a full and complete accurate count of the non citizen population.

All will report data including SS

Will Count EVERYONE!

Coming up tonight 7pm ET

Salute to America and President Trump!

America is back! She's got energy, jobs and pride bursting at the borders! Everyone wants to join this success story as written by President Trump and casted by the American ingenuity!

Robert Caron with explains the nature of spying on citizens and why it was necessary to set up rogue ops like Fast and Furious.

Ian Garland, gun store owner and vicitm of ATF botched gun running operation speaks out!

Fast And Furious Press Conference
Wash DC Press Club 7/3/19

Maria Espinoza from The Remebrance Project speaks at the Fast and Furious Presser last week

@annvandersteel Ann, the Fast &
Furious was very informative, my heart breaks for all there who lost loves and their livelihood.. Watch the whole thing we neeb to get Trump to unseal all the documentation to this.. Great job keep up the good work.. @jp

SteelTruth tonight is going to put Facebook and Zuckerberg on the hotseat along with Obama's former Nat Sec Advisor Gen James Jones.

Did they use social media cyber warfare to influence elections?

Is Facebook partnering with same people to maintain "election integrity"?

Tune in here 8pm ET

They are ALL TIED TOGETHER... The Cabal and the Mexican Human Trafficking ring networked into this country.

is just the beginning of how deep this goes.

Keep America drinking Yuengling!

Real Americans drink the nation's oldest brewed beer and stand patriotically up for President Trump and

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