We're now working on v2 of the mobile.co project. Bigger and better in scope than before!

While working on the first version, we made a good friend in the Philippines who became a brand endorser. He's still with us!

Jay Durias is one of the best known songwriters and musicians in the Philippines. He grew in both the U.S. and Philippines. He writes all of his own music. Jay is a big believer in our mobile.co business project.

Here's a recent video, from yesterday! Get to know him! 👍 😂


We are so HAPPY to have you as a Co-founder! Thank you for believing in us!

Congratulations 🎉 🎊 :maga1: :_mobile_:

We continue to be Blessed! ❤️

I am reminded by a select group of patriots that today is the anniversary of one of their son's death. A death that still has no good answers and that we are still seek the truth.

God has a timeline for us all. We need to take solace in that and keep doing the right things right. We all receive justice and we all learn the reasons in the end.

God bless WNA and his Mom DH!

Today recognizes all our Presidents.

Some were great.

Some were awful.

Some were treasonous.

We will soon see who falls into what category.

SteelTruth tonight 8pm steeltruth.com Mike Closer and Victor Avila From Social media censorship to the boomerang of

Mike Closer is one of my guests on tonight 8pm ET www,steeltruth.com or periscope.tv/annvandersteel

Good afternoon all... been a busy morning in studio. I hope all are having a great day!

ICYMI - Two of my favorite brightest and most dedicated @realDonaldTrump and @GenFlynn supporters!
Always smart, informative, data driven analysis by @ThyConsigliori and outstanding interviewing by @annvandersteel.


SteelTruth coming up www.steeltruth.com 8pm tonight FACEBOOK BUSTED!

@jp what do you hear abour the USMCA and potential loss of US Sovreignty. Start listening at 16 min in...

Hey Mobilers, :_mobile_:

Might want to check out today's Dilley scope. About half way through it'll sound familiar. 🧐
Especially if you've watched @annvandersteel show with @jp last night.


NSFW-language. 😂 (ear buds might be advisable)

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