Hey Mobilers, :_mobile_:

Might want to check out today's Dilley scope. About half way through it'll sound familiar. 🧐
Especially if you've watched @annvandersteel show with @jp last night.


NSFW-language. 😂 (ear buds might be advisable)

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great day. Up in Ft Benning GA for my step son graduation from OCS tomorrow! Enjoying some family time... Blessings all!

@SteelTigers when I get back from my son's OCS graduation, lets grab a drink Thursday at the Grouper!

@jp is KILLING it tonight on www.steeltruth.com

The crowd on periscope loves him!

Guys imagine the future...
When people like @GrrrGraphics , Laura Loomer, James O’Keef, Jay Dyer, @TraceyBeanz, @annvandersteel , @Thomas1774Paine , and dare I say Mr DJ Trump himself. Are here dropping tunes on a Friday! :_mobile_:

@jp on on www.steeltruth.com

Come and party with us live on chat!

@mitchellvii - Bill Mitchell of Your Voice America is currently at the hospital with his mother who is experiencing a medical emergency.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours Bill. God bless and take care and we hope for the best outcome...


Beto is further left than Fidel Castro...and he thinks he is going to run for President?


Supervisor of Elections, Susan Bucher in West Palm Beach, FL., given the boot by Gov.DeSantis.

Buh-Bye "Butcher" ya dirty rotten scoundrel!


via @annvandersteel

Just applied for my Media Credentials to return to CPAC 2019 at the Gaylord National.. @Tracybeanz will be attending with me and I am soooo excited!

With everything happening I am sure we are going to break some amazing interviews!

The and Beanz are making it happen!

Federal court order now in play on Clinton Email and Benghazi scandal. About damn time.

@annvandersteel Re Twitter:

testifies forthrightly...briefed who denies this. Was born out of the ?

is the FBI Agent who "handles" Bruce Ohr.

How can anyone think [email protected] had anything to do with this crazy story?


What amazes me is the fact the every text, email, phone call and any digital communications anywhere on the planet, is cataloged at any U.S.Fusion Center and they cant produce text and emails. RIGHT!!!!

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