I think the time is very ripe for this platform to explode. POTUS is putting out tweets asking for our social media censorship experiences... Hmmmmmm

Benghazi Hero Mark Geist @MarkGeistSWP , USMC veteran shows support and what it takes to WIN in 2020.

Annie Marie Delgado, Pres. Trump Team 2020 FL fires up the base in Citrus County with an amazing grassroots Trump Rally!

Mon 8pm youtu.be/WANIuH06TaE

Liz Crokin gets REAL on the scandal...... you know you love her...

We're going to spell it out and take a victory lap...


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A President Trump policy is an eye for an eye - Brenden Dilley

Did John McCain and President Obama use social media cyber warfare to influence the 2016 election?

Cyber warfare expert and former DOD contractor Patrick Bergy drops the tonight 8pm ET


Is the DeepState going Deep Six? Or is it Deep Sick?

What are we learning about the atrocities happening around the world?

Why is the EO of 12/21/17 so important?

Side Notes:

Soros Involvement in Ukraine

Maidan massacre anniversary: Ukraine remembers bloody day of protests
The dozens who lost their lives during Ukraine's revolution became known as the "Heavenly Hundred," and include more than 50 killed.

@annvandersteel @Tamaraleighllc @Jellenne @newrightnetwork

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We're now working on v2 of the mobile.co project. Bigger and better in scope than before!

While working on the first version, we made a good friend in the Philippines who became a brand endorser. He's still with us!

Jay Durias is one of the best known songwriters and musicians in the Philippines. He grew in both the U.S. and Philippines. He writes all of his own music. Jay is a big believer in our mobile.co business project.

Here's a recent video, from yesterday! Get to know him! 👍 😂


We are so HAPPY to have you as a Co-founder! Thank you for believing in us!

Congratulations 🎉 🎊 :maga1: :_mobile_:

We continue to be Blessed! ❤️

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