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Cuban agents are directing attacks on the people of on behalf of Maduro. The Venezuelan military should do its duty, protect the country’s citizens, and prevent the Havana puppeteers from starving hungry children.

Sources saying that Trump is still planning a major speech soon, but won’t be branded as a State of the Union speech. No response from the WH

Since the has started I have talked to over 1000 and 95% of them are 100% behind President Trump and his stand on it is time that Speaker Pelosi stop her childish behavior and start backing and putting

@TrumpToots for decades we have been sold a bill of goods by both polical parties. So glad we finally have a real President that is for the people and not for his pocketbook. Hold the line Mr. is what you were meant to do. This is a glorious time to be alive🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

This is your daily reminder that Planned Parenthood was caught on tape multiple times harvesting and selling baby body parts for cash and they still receive $500 million a year in taxpayer funding

Today, the Senate will vote on the package that will immediately reopen the government & contains:
—$800M in urgent humanitarian assistance
—$805M for drug detection technology
—$5.7B for a steel barrier in high-priority locations
—2,750 border agents
—75 immigration judges

These FIVE congressman voted WITH & against @POT@POTUS@twitter.comay on funding border security: @Rep@RepChrisSmith@twitter.comp@RepStefanik@twitter.comp@RepJohnKatko@twitter.comp@RepBrianFitz@twitter.comr@HurdOnTheHill@twitter.comrea@realDonaldTrump@twitter.commerica Needs to remember these RINO Republicans for voting against their interests

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy says that N Pelosi has reached several new lows for a speaker of the house.

Challenges Democrats to get in a room tommorow and not leave until they cut a deal

"I will vote with anyone that wants to put America First."
Do you think dems will?

Nothing like a speech, where she has to signal for applause while fumbling through her talking points.🤦‍♂️🤣

Happening this Saturday at the Texas State Capital.

I will be going to support and cover the event live.

Texans, if you can, Be There.

“We had a bill last week—that Chuck Schumer blocked—to pay our coast guard… They are defending the freedom of this country. They need to get paid. Our border security needs to get paid. We need to open this government. We need to secure our borders.”—


Yesterday 4:22pm, Rep Dan Meuser on the House floor chastising DEMOCRATS for refusing a SECOND TIME to pay Federal workers.... Why don’t you try reporting TRUTH

Of all the people I wouldn't want to play a game of "chicken" with, #1 would be Donald Trump.

Just say'n.

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