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Hey Mobilers, :_mobile_:
let's play a game!

Getting your wisdom teeth pulled

Changing the oil in your truck

An IRS audit

The DMV at the end of the month

Ghostbusters 2.0

Venezuela today

Your MILs stories about her hip surgery

The ex's Insta story with his hot new shorty

Jussie Smollett

@jp there is so many out there that we have long forgotten about. Been scouring YouTube looking for some I hadn't hard in a long time.

@patryn94 Yep. Some things needed to be done before we resumed promotions.

1. We moved to a new data center that can be a permanent home.

2. We upgraded servers

3. We took complete possession and control of all of our source code, not just part of it

4. Several more sites had to be finished that are complimentary to, all under our same brand.

5. Some branding needed to be adjusted

6. We upgraded to truly huge mass storage.

@jp Roll em out, Time to show the world there is a new SM site out, that is going to consume all its competition! is where it's at!

These are dear friends of mine. This is from their most current album. They’re great! ✊

(Footage from when they self-funded a mini tour 🇧🇷 - one of the band members is from there)
“Making Change”

Who here is ready to see some promotions resume for It's about time!! 😂

I may have posted this before. This is us. Kick us down, we're comin' back up. Look out! :maga:

New biological batteries use energy inspired by electric eels, could be used on next-gen robots, bio-implants –

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