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@Tamaraleighllc @America1st Lounge, saloon, speak-easy.. call it what you like, You have wandered into the coolest place on the internet today! Welcome back.

Trump mentioned in his address that some have claimed that the wall is immoral. Even though some of them shouting this claim have 10-foot walls and gates that stretch across their mansions. He referred to many of the claimants as having prior speeches once for the exact same thing — border security via a structure such as a fence. Now, only to block and obstruct Trump’s agenda they are against it. @newrightnetwork @thierry @Joanna_Dannah @jp

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@Tamaraleighllc We've just been busy disseminating information and keeping this place positive. Nice to see you.

We've been having a bit of a party while you were away @Master_Jammz care to join us? It is Friday after all.


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@TonyBronco There are two great reasons to be here. The first is that, people like @Tamaraleighllc will NEVER have to fear losing her 75,000 followers here, as she did at Twitter.

The second, and even more important reason, is that this space - and having NOTHING to do with party or affiliation - supports a true patriotic conversation amongst independents, Democrats and Republicans alike that no other space can. @jp and team have built something for America herself.

When (not IF) @realDonaldTrump does , how about we do America a favor &make sure those who opposed the loudest end up on the other side (Mexico side) of it!
We can start w/ @Acosta @ananavarro @jorgeramosnews @SpeakerPelosi @chuckschumer

Trump Halts FEMA Funds for Calif. Wildfires, Forest Management

There goes the free clearing job for Feinsteins Husbands contract on the High Speed Rail. Ironically, it's that strip of land 😉

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