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While some saw satellite imagery. Draper saw the potential for much more. dell.to/2VWyRji

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OMG....what have they done to... Math

Common core seems to make things so much more complicated and harder than they need to be.

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Guest Harmony Allen of “Harmony’s Law” having worked with Congressman Brian Mast on Sexual Assault in the Militaray.

on   w/ cohost and fav Guest Joshua Macias @JoshuaMacias continuing .



“Gimme a bottle of anything...
And a glazed donut.
To go!”

“Yankee Rose”

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13.) Three weeks later, after several revisions to how the FD-302 was carefully written, (after a deliberative process) Andrew McCabe gives approval to Lisa Page to accept the latest version. "Launch F 302"

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BREAKING: A former senior New York Times editor confided that is "the biggest story of our lifetime," yet the mainstream media will not touch it.

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SEA LEVEL: According to Luijendijk et al (2018: nature.com/articles/s41598-018), only 2 continents (Africa & Australia) show a slight average decline of sandy shorelines for past 35 yrs, while 4 continents display an average increase of shoreline. This implies NO sea-level rise globally

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Thankfully, the President doesn’t count people that way. It’s offensive to label people with irrelevant characteristics. @thatpeterfox@twitter.com

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ODSC is headed to Manhattan for a two-day accelerated bootcamp and career lab. Immersive AI is only $349 if you save your seat for June 28-29 now! 40% OFF Ends Soon: hubs.ly/H0j5__y0

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