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Thrilled to be on a platform that won’t kill my account without warning after investing time & effort to build it! Thank you @jp @Q & team! Let’s build this!

While some saw satellite imagery. Draper saw the potential for much more.

OMG....what have they done to... Math

Common core seems to make things so much more complicated and harder than they need to be.

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Guest Harmony Allen of “Harmony’s Law” having worked with Congressman Brian Mast on Sexual Assault in the Militaray.…

on   w/ cohost and fav Guest Joshua Macias @JoshuaMacias continuing .……

“Gimme a bottle of anything...
And a glazed donut.
To go!”

“Yankee Rose”

13.) Three weeks later, after several revisions to how the FD-302 was carefully written, (after a deliberative process) Andrew McCabe gives approval to Lisa Page to accept the latest version. "Launch F 302"

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BREAKING: A former senior New York Times editor confided that is "the biggest story of our lifetime," yet the mainstream media will not touch it.

SEA LEVEL: According to Luijendijk et al (2018:, only 2 continents (Africa & Australia) show a slight average decline of sandy shorelines for past 35 yrs, while 4 continents display an average increase of shoreline. This implies NO sea-level rise globally

Thankfully, the President doesn’t count people that way. It’s offensive to label people with irrelevant characteristics.

ODSC is headed to Manhattan for a two-day accelerated bootcamp and career lab. Immersive AI is only $349 if you save your seat for June 28-29 now! 40% OFF Ends Soon:

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