Haven't posted a cigar pic or triggered SJWs in a while. Gonna do both.

Just for you folks upset by anything President Trump has said or done:

2 things I haven't posted in a while. A cigar photo and a SJW trigger.
So, here are both!

Here's a cigar pic for you afficianados.
Visiting my bro, mooching his smokes.

Here's more triggering. For all the triggers I've pulled, I haven't gotten any negative feedback.

Even though I had a tasty cigar this morning, I'm gonna pull a trigger anyway.

Another cigar pic for those who enjoy the flavorful and fragrant smoke of rolled vegetive matter.

Building on yesterday foundation with another Foundry cigar.

Haven't posted one in awhile, so here's a great cigar I enjoyed.

It's a lovely day! 75 deg, partly cloudy. Gonna sacrifice these guys to the tobacco gods.

Cold, cloudy, so no cigar today. I'm triggered by the weather! I'm gonna pass it on.

This a James Marshall, a gift from my brother that has been gracefully aging in my humidor for about 2 years.

Cold, rainy. No cigar today.
For your triggering pleasure, real diversity

Looks like the weather will be uncooperative for at least a week.
So, I won't be flicking my Bic, but I can pull a trigger

Well, no stogie Wed, Thurs, or today. Weather - grrrrr! I'm triggered, so I'm gonna pass it on.

Well, no stogie today. Too cold and rainy. Guess I'll have to trigger somebody.

Pussy roar? Isn't that called. "queef"?

🎶🎵Happy Birthday to me
🎶🎵Happy Birthday to me


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