Well, missed due to travel. Based on comments, nobody else missed it. But, I'm here for the .


It's and this tune is pretty wacky. I'll never turn my back on a Holstein or Gurnsey again!


This week's is for all the Nazis who read my blatherings.
This was originally posted over on Gab, there are a bunch of 'em there.


For your enjoyment, I continue with another tune for all the animal lovers out there.


Another tune I used to play. It was the first song I learned by request.



Here's a cigar pic for you afficianados.
Visiting my bro, mooching his smokes.

I know it's a little late for the but I was traveling all day yesterday. So, here it is, a day late and a cover to boot!


Continuing with tunes I used to ply for

This is the first song I learned to play be ear


Here's more triggering. For all the triggers I've pulled, I haven't gotten any negative feedback.

Even though I had a tasty cigar this morning, I'm gonna pull a trigger anyway.

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