🎶🎵Happy Birthday to me
🎶🎵Happy Birthday to me


Let's see, you claim to be anti fascist, but you try to violently try to suppress opinions you don't agree with.

Not a tune, but cuz baseball is starting up, a classic comedy routine


Raining outside, cold. No cigar today, so triggering instead.
🎶 I'm dreaming of a white Christmas 🎵

Ever hear of anyone dreaming of a black Christmas?

Beautiful morning for a smoke. My neighbor joined me. I had the LHC, he smoked the 5 Vegas.

I posted a Fred Astaire version of this tune before, but this one wacky enough for


Well, 60+, sun is trying to emerge, think I'll light up a short one today.

Still too cold for me to sit on the porch with a good cigar, so I guess it's time to trigger somebody.
🤔🤔 why is it that only predominately white countries need "diversity"?

Good afternoon, folks. It's Saturday, so no tune. The 70 deg weather has departed and it's too cold for porch sitting and cigar smoking. So, I guess I'll have to trigger a feminist. I just told my wife to make me a sammich while manspreading. BTW, the sammich was tasty.

It feels like April came early. 70+ deg, bright sun, lite breeze, perfect for a good cigar!

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