Second Former Honduran Mayor Charged With Conspiring To Import Cocaine Into The United States And Related Firearms Offenses


She's been known to do that with her second "n" in her sig. She seems to have two techniques with her penmanship. Being said, not trying to discredit anyone's digs, just an observation.... These docs are from 08-09

California still has patriots. This woman is πŸ’― :maga:

Now this could be a Big Win for 2A

The Supreme Court Is Preparing to Make Every State's Gun Laws Look Like Texas'

Here is the post from the Anon

Here is the article mentioned in the Anons post.

Venezuela National Guardsmen, decide to disobey orders and walk with is citizens in solidarity...

@SteelTigers @CCAP_US @jp We put a few tips and suggestions that most have asked up on @mobiledotco TL, scroll through there.

Confessions Of An Apache Pilot: What It's Like To Fly The Military's Most Heavily Armed Attack Helicopter

Points to remember:
When the founders spoke of inalienable rights, they meant that the existence of natural rights were self evident and unquestionable. Are rights mutable? Yes they are! How? Deprive someone else of their rights and you forfeit your own. Rights are only one side of a coin. The other side is duty and responsibility. You have the responsibility of respecting the rights of others if you expect your rights to be respected and the duty to protect the rights of all members of society!

Congratulations to @annvandersteel and her step son for graduating OCS @ Ft.Benning to become 2nd LT for the United States Army.

@jp - I tried to upload a 28MB mp4 this morning and it said it couldn't be validated because the file size exceeded 8MB. I can try again at another time, maybe the script had a hick-up when trying to swallow that file...

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