I want to be crystal clear... I AM NOT ASKING FOR MONEY!! I think the time has come to start building a "band of brothers" through our available resources, such as I am going to be launching a website in the next few months that will create "tributes" to Angel Families, as well as fallen heroes.

@Standtallus This is exactly what is about. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Keep us all updated as the new website develops and drops! Make a page for The Welcome Home Group too here on Mobile!

Co-ordinate some long term hashtags so everyone can always track the project, and new people can find it right away.
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Sounds like an incredible project & effort. Looking forward to learning more. Thank you sir! πŸ™

@RyanOlah Ryan, Thank you and I will do just that! the time has come to do something of value for those who need it in this country! Thank you so much!

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