My name is Joe. I am the founder of a national non-profit organization that works with veterans, military spouses and the sons/daughters of veterans. My organization, which I have personally funded since it was founded in 2012, has assisted over 700 veterans/spouses to gain employment in positions over 50K a year. The organization, operated on a virtual platform, founded in South Florida continues to help our heroes and their spouses.

@Standtallus your a great guy, keep up the good work pal, we have your back🐰🐇👍 toot toot

@Rabbit1 Thank you so much Rabbit1. That means a lot but it is all for the heroes who make it possible for me to wake a free person everyday. Thank you for your support!

@Standtallus The world needs more folks like you Joe. Keep being awesome!

@patryn94 Thank You but honestly, Im just an average joe (no pun) and I just wish more people would do something, anything big or small to help our heroes in military, Law enforcement and Border/ICE. I can tell you it doesnt take much to make a difference.


Wow that is amazing...

Thank you for sharing, I am honored and grateful.

God Bless you! 🙏

@MAGA45 Thank You for that. God Bless everyone who puts on a uniform and puts themself in harms way for our freedom. I will always do what needs to be done for them.

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