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@Standtallus I would prefer he just take necessary steps and just do it... :wall: 😉

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@Standtallus Everything seems to go that direction... Getting to be the unwelcome MO for the Dems...

I know a dozen government workers who are furloughed right now and they are all making $25-$35 an hour a couple of them are living beyond their means and complaining but most of them are not. These are not people making $10 an hour.

I really feel like trump caved to democrat pressure today. I don’t feel bad for government workers who are a month without a paycheck and here’s why, government workers are not minimum-wage workers therefore if they can’t pay their bills after a month more than likely they are living beyond their means and that is not the peoples problem. These people need something from the government they expect it but when the government expect something from them they turn their back. You don’t have to agree

If anyone wants to collaborate with me, let me know. This is a 100 free service and we will have a "credits" page for all those who contribute time on the project.

Hello everyone. I started development on my new project, Angels and Warriors. The website is in development but for my friends, here is a sneak peak:

I could be wrong it wouldn’t be the first time but aren’t all these government employees who are pissed off about not getting paid the same government employees that get pensions and continue to get a piece of their pay after they retire?

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When (not IF) @realDonaldTrump does , how about we do America a favor &make sure those who opposed the loudest end up on the other side (Mexico side) of it!
We can start w/ @Acosta @ananavarro @jorgeramosnews @SpeakerPelosi @chuckschumer

Getting ready to hit the sack but may have to wait a bit, lol.

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It would be a pleasure to share the word.

There are many Vet groups on Face book. I certainly can help in sharing once you are ready.

Also the Biker Clubs (Vets) enjoy doing Poker Runs to help support.

Just a couple of thoughts.

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If any of you follow Techno Fog he did a great thread blowing Acosta's last video of the day to shards. I won't link to that dumpster fire of a platform here, but go look it up!

Sorry everyone, I am not very good at handling compliments 😃

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Share on Twitter.. DM to your groups and friends.

Tell them what a wonderful growing family we are here at :_mobile_:

We have to stick together to Friends 😉

I am sure I will need help collecting angels and warriors for the site so anyone who has connections with either is def welcome to connect. My goal is to honor fallen heroes and angel families with class and dignity. I would like to consider a way where we could link a gateway so if someone wanted to make a donation directly to the family of the fallen they could so directly as the site will not be collecting donations for itself. I will cover the cost of operations.

I will be developing our tribute website at

I will be converting an existing website that I have and if anyone is interested in working with me on this project, connect with me. I will be launching a splash page tomorrow and will post it here.

OK, I could go on and on but wont bore you with my story. Thank you for listening fellow Patriots.

I want to be crystal clear... I AM NOT ASKING FOR MONEY!! I think the time has come to start building a "band of brothers" through our available resources, such as I am going to be launching a website in the next few months that will create "tributes" to Angel Families, as well as fallen heroes.

I believe that when it comes to working with our vets and milspouses money comes second and attention to their needs comes first. I feel what the Dems are doing is spitting in the faces of our heroes, both the military, Law enforcement and border patrol/ICE. They are putting them, and the country in a risk capacity that is not warranted and I just cant sit back and bite my tongue any longer.

Our website, was designed to bring veterans, both male and female and military spouses into a program that focused on them. All of the other non-profits are run on grants and solicitations, which means the money comes first. I refused to let that be the business model of my org. When a vet comes to us, they can get started that very same day. We struggle with working with other orgs because, and they tell us this every day... We work to fast.

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