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What's crack-a-lackin' everybody? Anyone else notice POTUS is starting to get very direct with Child Sex trafficking and the real Russiagate?

"Faced with a Trump they could not defeat and cannot destroy, Democrats appear to be entering a frenzy of primal extremism."

!! New from the "dark corners of the internet" (according to @washingtonpost) More elusive than a UFO sighting or the mysterious Sasquatch! Post at

Theory from 4Chan: what is happening in VA isn't the real story. These are cover up stories. The real story is all of their ties to Terry McCauliffe and the many illegalities.

I'm seriously debating whether or not to watch the Superbowl. I always do but something about Maroon 5 kneeling during their performance is turning me off

Tomorrow we start a series on Angel Moms. It begins with Sabine Durden who lost her son Dominic to an illegal criminal from Guatemala.

Did anyone else notice that most of us on the right, including blue check marks, defaulted to not believing the MAGA attack on Jussie Smollett? That's a significant change that can't be quantified yet.

Gotta a pet?- Post your pics- here's mine- Our little"Grrr" doggo- Boogie. Turbo model Shih tzu!

Question for everyone. What is your opinion of Dan Crenshaw? For me I like him, but when it comes down to it does he side with MAGA or GOPe? That is the question that keeps me guarded

John Minford, 1:18, "Defeat belongs to the side that scores the least in the temple calculations before battle."

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