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Old school punk 😝
The Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop (Live)

The Ramones very good BlitzKrieg Bop Live. CRFromHell@Productions.

Of course I have to play a Danish metal band. Pops has Danish royalty on his mom's side

Volbeat - Still Counting (Live from Wacken Open Air 2017)

Playlist Best of Volbeat: Subscribe for more: "Watch Volbeat perform “Still Counting” live from Wacken 2017. Keep...

So many worry warts giving up on Trump on Twitter right now. Insane

Ok, so 3 more weeks of funded government. Place your bets...Dems won't negotiate again..

:_mobile_: All existing members! Be sure to follow the account of our new strategic partner, @newrightnetwork ! They publish great material, we're privileged to be working with them! 👍 :maga: :maga1:

Im so happy to see really take off by partnering with @newrightnetwork
!! Both working towards a common goal to give the Conservatives a platform to be vocal about our current issues. We will be heard, we will be seen. Together, we will and

Attention on deck twt users! @jp has a great thread he put up today that could surely use some RTs

YOU will NOT believe what the Trump Administration just did to take down Venezuelan Maduro Regime

JP is doing another great thread on Twitter. Btw...Janet Napolitano has a brother named Leonard that holds a top position at Sandia National Laboratories. They have nuclear weapons...just saying. I know because I used to work with Sandia, DOD, and DOE

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