@SemperMAGA I'm shocked Canada is recognizing the new leader with us instead of being the Commies Trudeau has been for a long time

Looking at the events in Venezuela socialism will never work in the human race. We are not ants and do not have a hive mind. We are individualistic and flawed.

@SemperMAGA When you're Founder has experience building a Social Network with 50 million subscribers, is a walk away, and a whistleblower things are gravy my man

@Jellenne its truly amazing what happens when America is no longer led by a corrupt President and elite gatekeepers

@Jellenne @jp Brazil is fixing itself and some other countries in America de Sur. World Wide awakening

Just tell him he can stay on Twitter and it's important but come here too
@RyanOlah @jp

I think he has a point on that but I go back to what JP says in that most folks are on three platforms now
@RyanOlah @jp

I agree one hundred percent. Things in DOJ are being slow walked for this reason

We even have celebrities like Dean Cain who spoke out about it today. James Woods. Things are very different. The great awakening indeed.

I know it doesn't feel like it but we are winning the culture war. If Covington happened 2 years ago. It never would have ended with the condemnation of the media.

Just got done watching The Steele Truth. Wow @jp that was a tour de force. Thank you for your patriotism!

I think it's possible she's either gone already or in a vegetative state

@SteelTigers I remember sitting in 11th grade and the History teacher teaching that Fascism was on the right and Communism was on the left. I knew then that that was bullshit. So, I asked her where anarchy fit thinking I'd be smart. She said it wasn't on the spectrum lol

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