Can you guys feel those winds of change about to sweep over this Country?

@jp read this piece. Are you familiar with this hacking group Beto was part of?

This is scary. Beto was in a hacking group and was part of a cult called the Cult of the Dead Cow. Read this stunning piece @RyanOlah @Jellenne

Must watch this entire speech wow. Malkin lit up Neocons, John McCain, and GOP grifters

Hope you're all having a great Saturday! :_mobile_:

Cannot recommend this podcast enough. AMAZING interview with Jon hour with him, vs the quick hits on Hannity. Wait until you hear his story about how it all started...should be a movie. Maybe Eastwood will eventually do it. 🎥 🎬 🍿

H/T to @ShadowedShinobi for sharing it with me.


What's crack-a-lackin' everybody? Anyone else notice POTUS is starting to get very direct with Child Sex trafficking and the real Russiagate?

"Faced with a Trump they could not defeat and cannot destroy, Democrats appear to be entering a frenzy of primal extremism."

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