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Official Apollo moon landing shot via Wall Street Journal video. 🤣

Looks like Boris Johnson IS the UK Trump!

Self proclaimed “passionate

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On the moon, temps swing -250/300 to +250/300 in a sec. Imagine designing a suit so complex it can handle those conditions! And must function perfectly in untested environment first time out. 🚀 Do U Know who made those high-tech suits?
- Playtex -
the Bra maker
And they worked! Perfectly! First time!
😉Amazing! 👌
(I’m being sarcastic, there’s no way this worked. It defies all logic to believe these Playtex costumes were capable of handling moon specs - EVEN if Apollo managed to get there)

It is not hidden that takes part in the “buying and selling of boys and girls”.

You can see 2005 Rumsfeld Hearing where everything is out in the open. And Rumsfeld has no answer why continued to receive govt contracts after being busted for child trafficking.

THIS. Is who TRUMP PICKED to oversee the intelligence Agency review.
Anybody have a problem with that?

In 2018,
Who did Trump pick as Chairman of the Presidents Intelligence Advisory Board again? Oh that’s right -
Steve Feinberg
Head of Cerebus and

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Nice presentation. A bit lengthy, but good info regarding the Noahide World Order (((they))) plan on implementing.

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One for you @RyanOlah

Auschwitz survivor Hajo Meyer tells the truth about Zionism (3:45)

This video is to show Judaism has been hijacked by Zionists who happen to be secular. The Zionists Are Using the Sympathy of the World in the World War 2 to justify the Brutal Occupation of Palestine and the Ethnic Cleansing of Arabs from the region. We recognize that they are anti Zionist and stand with the Palestinians.

Former Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky, describes falsely accusing Israel critics of "anti-Semitism"

For anyone digging, diving, or interested in the case - you must read “TrafficKing” by Conchita Sarnoff. She was bribed $5 mil by Epstein’s crew to not publish it. “Sarnoff broke and owned the Epstein 2010. No one knows more on this story.”

Over/Under on how many Israel tweets Trump makes today?

Interview with Conchita Sarnoff, author of the book “TrafficKing” (on the entire history of the case) does an interview here in June 2018

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