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@mikenorton I didn’t hear about it. What are the details?

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Happy St. Patrick's Day Mobile friends! We have a message from Ben! Please watch video! Thank you


I’ve gained new found respect for
Only took me 40 years to catch up to his brilliance. Never gave him a chance b4.
“I love being alive so much. When you come out of comas in your childhood every moment awake is a joyous occasion.”
“The only good political movement I’ve seen lately was occupy wall street they had no leaders, which was genius. Unfortunately, it always ends up with a hippy playing a flute.”
“I have one major problem with the Internet: its full of liars.”

Poll: Will Trump ever call out False Flag terrorism by name?
Please respond.
1. Yes
2. No
3. What is False Flag terrorism?

While most of the weak-kneed GOP breathlessly rushes to defend Chelsea including her best buds the Trump kids - Michelle Malkin offers a different take 💕✊🔥

@A_Digital_Soldier counterpoint: The article only leaves out everything about Roy “The Source” Cohn. Mueller involvement in 9/11. Barr being partners with Bush Clinton in Mena drug dealing and covering up Iran contra and RR involvement in U1. For starters. I will say that the memo on FBI involvement in Trump casino venture (that was the GOOD FBi then I guess right?👌) is important documentation from that piece.

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This is scary. Beto was in a hacking group and was part of a cult called the Cult of the Dead Cow. Read this stunning piece @RyanOlah @Jellenne reuters.com/investigates/speci

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