Epstein temple was a fake movie set. Disney has snorkel tours near the island.
Disney ABC is acting like they sat on the story of Virginia Roberts (which has been published and publicly available since at least 2016).
Celebrity Pathologist Michael Baden lied to you about JFK, MLK, and a dozen others. Now lying about “Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

Epstein most likely entered witness/asset protection.

The temple is fake. No victims described anything occult at all.
Testimonies ignored.

“Gettin’ the Spirit”

This is Side B:
(Billy Idols producer: on drums)
- “Gettin’ the Spirit”
- “Walking in the Shadow Of His Light”
- “Speaking My Mind In His Ear”

If you didn’t believe the “buried at sea” bs under Obama with bin laden you should NOT be buying it now with Trump and Bagdhadi.

Last night I was a guest on @housatonic ’s show!
Topics included: CIA Culture Creation, , , , , and more
A preview of the investigative side of a website I’m about to launch called


Opening song from
third album
🇺🇸 🇺🇸
Advice -If you play it. Blast it.- 😉
Reminder - the 🥁
Band 📚 Bio is Out Now!! 🧨

@patryn94 it’s a losing battle there. I am banned to nothing. I’ve gone on to building my own website for my content now. Should be up at the end of the weekend. If not, very soon.

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