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I think I might have campaigned too hard for this app :laughingtrump:

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Twtr has officially perm banned me. I am done with that platform.

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Congratulations to @annvandersteel and her step son for graduating OCS @ Ft.Benning to become 2nd LT for the United States Army.

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:_mobile_: May your Wednesday be a good, productive day! 😎

@Corr @Solmemes We Love and Miss You! Hope to see you back here at :_mobile_: real soon!
SolMemes - Front Line Maga Meme Warrior! :maga:

@JamesKin Please God yes! Yes
This is a Bill to Remove the United States from the UN!!!!!!! How did I miss this from 1/3/19? @JamesKin YES! 🔥

@Rabbit1 why you always telling me to “take it easy” 😆 - Jack rabbit Dorsey over here! 😘 What no comment on the stolen valor? The Soros funded groups? The cop killing fantasy of a Skrillex video?
If we can’t put psyops on blast here without fear of the PC police 🚔 then what good are we? Not taking it easy. Ever. 😊 good morning ✊

@JamesKin I’ll wait for another source on that one. 😉

Stop telling people
Just say “Search”
Why? Because Google changes search results to favor Dems, Radical Islamists, & New World Order. You won’t even get good results.
Btw - Google runs communist Project for China too.

is the only pundit worth a damn on Tell-Lie-Vision 📺 (which is why they are doing everything to get him off). His take on Maga Hat Kid Vs
Stolen Valor Vietnam “Times” “Vet”/Professional Skrillex Actor/Soros Funded, sorry, I mean “Native American Elder” Nathan “No Teeth” “Keeper of the Pipe” Phillips. youtu.be/l3Zp4ldFC4w

@radarray hi! 👋 welcome to social media freedom! 🇺🇸 :_mobile_:

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looking forward to seeing how this

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Everyone I would like you guys to meet @rsashe founder of New Right Network! Please make him welcome to Mobile be sure to follow him & @newrightnetwork We are an online conservative MAGA voice. Our team consist of writers, editors, streamers and many more talented individuals who volunteer their time and their talents to MAGA! Hop over to our website www.newrightnetwork.com and check us out!

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