Wow what a night!
The has taken on a life of its own! (Check hashtag)
The deal - Friday nights, :_mobile_: turns into full-on dance party and all members become DJs & throw down their favorite tunes!
This one went to the break of dawn!
You’re guaranteed to find some fun digging thru this crate of a hashtag!
Make sure you are following these :_mobile_: superstars! Thanks to this weeks DJ’s:
@patryn94 @Jellenne @MAGA45 @MAGAman @SteelTigers @JamesKin @Tamaraleighllc @jp

Guys imagine the future...
When people like @GrrrGraphics , Laura Loomer, James O’Keef, Jay Dyer, @TraceyBeanz, @annvandersteel , @Thomas1774Paine , and dare I say Mr DJ Trump himself. Are here dropping tunes on a Friday! :_mobile_:

Being critical is not being negative snowflakes. Deal with it.
I have no allegiance to any party. I am an independent. I am not a cheerleader. I am a critical thinker.

Apparently this morning, the Trump resistance crowd is cheering loudly that the recent Buzzfeed article is “the end for Trump” and they are expecting a “President Pence” by the end of the month. Trending on twitter already. I don’t know who is more in fantasyland, the resistors or the anons who think 70k sealed indictments are about to drop any day. Both sides are nuts! Both sides are convinced their personal massive conspiracy theories are true and will see fruition “any day” now. 🤪

s father is Donald Barr
No wonder William got recruited DIRECT into CIA from high school!

In recent years, she thanked “vodka and hotdogs” for her long life.
Wonder if she was at the Obama party? 🌭🍕

What is this hand sign?
Her life in photos? And this is the best they got?

Woke up.
Saw these ridiculous fawning articles and forced trends of misspelled “kid notes” to sack of deep shit .
Puked. 🤮
Now I feel a little better.
Thank God doesn’t force sickening trends on me.

Another original design here and actually first time publicly sharing it.
“We’re On a Mission From God”
(I have a version with:
“We’re On a Mission To ” too
Which do you like better?)
(Props & additional credit to @mikenorton who helped with the photoshop work)

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