Board of Directors

Btw: Did you see Cheney is hosting a major fundraiser for Trump?

Guess didn’t have to pay his Tab after all!

Comeys Deep State drinks 🍻 are paid for!
On the house!
Let’s have another toast to !
‘“Fix” us another round Bill! Oh Lordy!’
— DOJ says no Prosecution for James Comey — 🤦‍♂️

Trump was influenced in this decision by Kim Kardashian.
Who is also best buds with Spirit Cooker, Marina Abramovic

Official Apollo moon landing shot via Wall Street Journal video. 🤣

Looks like Boris Johnson IS the UK Trump!

Self proclaimed “passionate

On the moon, temps swing -250/300 to +250/300 in a sec. Imagine designing a suit so complex it can handle those conditions! And must function perfectly in untested environment first time out. 🚀 Do U Know who made those high-tech suits?
- Playtex -
the Bra maker
And they worked! Perfectly! First time!
😉Amazing! 👌
(I’m being sarcastic, there’s no way this worked. It defies all logic to believe these Playtex costumes were capable of handling moon specs - EVEN if Apollo managed to get there)

In 2018,
Who did Trump pick as Chairman of the Presidents Intelligence Advisory Board again? Oh that’s right -
Steve Feinberg
Head of Cerebus and

For anyone digging, diving, or interested in the case - you must read “TrafficKing” by Conchita Sarnoff. She was bribed $5 mil by Epstein’s crew to not publish it. “Sarnoff broke and owned the Epstein 2010. No one knows more on this story.”

Over/Under on how many Israel tweets Trump makes today?

Did you know?
Epstein’s Manhattan town house was directly across the street from the New York City home of Bill Cosby?

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