the level of investigative journalism at Fox in 2001 is a world away from what we have today. Wow. This four part report is very well done. Thorough drilling on the 200 Israelis arrested for spying on the US. A LOT here! Im watching it a second time now.

Going to put this here in this thread as well. Seems related.
“Unite the Right” EXPOSED!
Zionist separatist op. Divide the USA.

Does THIS sound like what’s going on today?:
“All levels of geo-political pressure must be activated simultaneously...It is esp important to introduce geo-political disorder into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism & ethnic, social & racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements—extremist, racist, & sectarian groups. Thus destabilizing internal political processes in US. It would also make sense to support isolationist tendencies in USA politics.” 👀

Wow - “ADL CEO and former Obama special advisor admits his organization is working with Silicon Valley tech giants on creating algorithms to censor opinion they don't like ("conspiracy theories").”
The opinions they don’t like have to do with anything that puts Israel in a bad light. Or they deem “anti-Semitic”. Or exposing Soros. And the Ops I’ve been detailing all morning.

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