Quoted from "REX"
REMINDER - the heart of the allegations against Huawei and Meng is that b/w 2009 -2013, the company used an unofficial subsidiary named Skycom to do business in Iran for an Iranian telcoms company, in violation of U.S. sanctions against trade with Iran.

The bank financing these arrangements? HSBC, which also provided cheap mortgage debt to Meng herself, to purchase a property in Vancouver.

Who was on the board of HSBC this entire time? JAMES COMEY.

Tick Tock.....

Who was on the board of Huawei between 2011-2014?



@MAGA45 well HELLO! I did NOT know that!
Pieces fit together to form a NWO endgame takeover spy ring plan to end America. Trump is on top of this. We must bring more public awareness to Huawei and all NWO Chinese and affiliated companies. 5g is a crucial frontline.

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