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: ‘s Love Child & The Nazi Roots of
- This thread is primarily based on the research of David Livingstone & also
John Hamer. I, myself, will be adding a good amount of supplemental material, adding all the images, and will be putting faces to names -
It will be a long 🧵 thread.
I’m going to go into a good deal of contextual background then hammer the hell out of it in machine gun fashion at the end.
Let’s enter the Chamber of Secrets...

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One for you @RyanOlah

Auschwitz survivor Hajo Meyer tells the truth about Zionism (3:45)

This video is to show Judaism has been hijacked by Zionists who happen to be secular. The Zionists Are Using the Sympathy of the World in the World War 2 to justify the Brutal Occupation of Palestine and the Ethnic Cleansing of Arabs from the region. We recognize that they are anti Zionist and stand with the Palestinians.

Former Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky, describes falsely accusing Israel critics of "anti-Semitism"

For anyone digging, diving, or interested in the case - you must read “TrafficKing” by Conchita Sarnoff. She was bribed $5 mil by Epstein’s crew to not publish it. “Sarnoff broke and owned the Epstein 2010. No one knows more on this story.”

Over/Under on how many Israel tweets Trump makes today?

Interview with Conchita Sarnoff, author of the book “TrafficKing” (on the entire history of the case) does an interview here in June 2018

Did you know?
Epstein’s Manhattan town house was directly across the street from the New York City home of Bill Cosby?

I don’t normally advertise twitter
But when i do...It’s for epic takedowns of Zionist shills!
The dual takedowns of
@cernovich by @leestranahan (related to the case)
And of
By @Know_More_News (related to KMN reporting Posobiec is a ‘Zionist shill’)
going on right now are Must-See twitter!

Cerno is SCUM - knew this for a long time - but he has reached a new super low!
Posobiecs’ attempts at calling Adam Green “anti-Semitic” backfiring spectacularly!

is destroying shill Jack Posobitch on twitter currently.

Posobiec attacked host after this video hit the airwaves:

Waiting to hear from Ben for full statement. But the voices accusing Ben Garrison of being an “anti-Semite” for drawing a cartoon of Rothschilds/Soros as a puppet master should make clear to any observer the threats of equating anti-Zionist/anti-Semitic speech. And if this is true that the Trump White House doesn’t have Bens back, then the fight for free speech online is more dire than most had anticipated. :_mobile_:

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