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: ‘s Love Child & The Nazi Roots of
- This thread is primarily based on the research of David Livingstone & also
John Hamer. I, myself, will be adding a good amount of supplemental material, adding all the images, and will be putting faces to names -
It will be a long 🧵 thread.
I’m going to go into a good deal of contextual background then hammer the hell out of it in machine gun fashion at the end.
Let’s enter the Chamber of Secrets...

Here’s a full album from 1997 - that was never released.
It’s simply called “Band”
I just read an advanced copy of Steve Gormans band biography of the Crowes (“Hard to Handle: The Life and Death of The Black Crowes )
and learned about this.
This album they threw away would have MADE most bands careers.
Check it out

👇CLICK the YOUTUBE link 👇

Pompeo is a Christian Zionist who preaches the abomination of the “rapture”.
Of course “many in Kansas” believe that because they were brainwashed with the <- (click the hashtag)

One major suppressed and censored topic on main stream social media is medical freedom and vaccine injury awareness. Check it out.

🚨 🚨
“Court of Love”
Instant Classic

From the just released LP:
“American Love Call”

More than just Mafia involvement. It’s an entire nexus of government and organized crime and legitimate gambling operations.
You don’t see investigative reporting and debate like this anymore on broadcast 📺 television

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