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@mobilicity @jp shady. Real shady!! Now I can't read his tweets, blocked!!

Master jamz call me brother
Saw you on here, hit me up.

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New Obamagate all roads lead to
Obama used the FBI, the NSA and CIA to spy on Trump’s campaign and then his presidency. Obama and the Deep State Swamp launched a coup attempt. Read the rest at

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the "Oilrona Virus" cheers oil crash and Americans losing their jobs. because Muh Green New Deal!

good post at

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Question for anyone that knows me on here is JP still running things. Toot

Nice rally in PA, stay strong and healthy people

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Mask's. Hahahaha LOL
Nice scare tactic, they are all fkg lying. 5g

It's 5fkg g. Killing us. Do your homework

Hey to all my friends out there. JP
Mike, master jamz, Rebecca, .......
I'm alive :laughingtrump: :maga: :wall: 🐇

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New Today- The Democrat Rash- it just WON'T GO AWAY! Is there no cure? Scratch Scratch!

funny post at

Hey I'm alive and well. Just absent. To all my friends, have a great day, JP stay strong brother

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🚨 #AlexJonesShow LIVE: #BigTech's Endgame Is The Creation Of Aliens! 👽

#AlexJones #Infowars

📡 Tune in here:

📲For live broadcast alerts, text: 'SHOW' to: '33222'



Have a great day
To my brothers and sisters

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