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@newrightnetwork is so excited to announce that we are partnering with!!! This is a fantastic platform and we are looking forward to working together toward one common goal. New Right Network has been working hard to give conservative voices a platform, this is an opportunity to help our voices be even louder. @jp we are so excited! Together we WILL !

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Oh and just so you know up front! I'm the world class thief of all thieves when it comes to memes! please don't be offended, it's a compliment. I can't meme but I can sure spread them!

What's up Friday Night Jam Peeps? Where y'all be? Let's get this party started!

Any Way You Want It by Journey

Any Way You Want It by Journey Greatest Hits Album No Copyright Intended

This is ridiculous. $226,000 in college debt and she believes taxpayers should be punished for her financial irresponsibility? Why in the hell didn't she go to a cheaper school? These are the people supporting Bernie Sanders.

Here's a better question, you utter CLOWNS: WHEN President Trump wins, will you, your fake news cohorts, and the Dem base peacefully accept the results or will you launch riots across the country as is your M.O.?

No high-profile progressive person who condemned Trump supporters after the bogus Jussie Smollett story has apologized.

Not one famous person who convicted Brett Kavanaugh of heinous crimes without a shred of supporting evidence, has said ‘maybe that was wrong.’

:_mobile_: Thanks to all Patriots who are joining us at our new online community,! 👍

For those of you who don't know us, will take a moment to introduce myself. I am Jeffrey Peterson, one of several co-founders working on the re-launched project.

Previously, I was founder of Quepasa/MeetMe, a online community that grew to 50 million users before we sold it to Rick Scott, before he became Governor and Senator in Florida!

Good to see you here! :_mobile_: :maga1:

This provides insight into Manaforts illegal lobbying activities in Ukraine, on behalf of then President Yanukovych.

It will come out that Manafort is a Soros Spy IMO...

President Trump: U.S. Gov’t Will No Longer Fund Abortions

President Trump has issued a final rule Friday that bans the federal funding of abortion in family planning clinics nationwide.

With all the ruckus going on over the Politico hit piece! Now is a great time to be inviting people to Mobile. The Gab community is making a concerted effort to drive traffic their way. We need to make just as much of an effort! Some of the 200 accounts named in the article were permanently deleted by Twitter as if last night. People like Hillary and others are weighing in praising Politico. Weird how within a matter of minutes of her endorsement accounts begin to disappear.

Hey Mobilers! :_mobile_:

@jp and the entire team have been working hard behind the scenes to completely make our own.

You'll notice a few changes in look and in function as they continue the process.

Please reach out if you have questions or suggestions!

We're here to build this together! :_mobile_:

In light of the Robert Kraft arrest and Jeff Bezos in attendance at the same superbowl party(ies), I wonder what was on that Amazon owned 767? 🤔
Cargo plane, carrying at least 3 people, crashes in Texas bay, officials say

What's up tooters! Been missing you guys! I hope everyone is doing great!

Welcome New Peeps!!! :_mobile_:
Enjoy the freedom!!!🇺🇸
Enjoy the massive Info!!!🖥️
Enjoy the Good People!!👩‍👩‍👧‍👦
Enjoy the Good Music!!🕺
Enjoy the Stories!!📢
Enjoy ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you Like here on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:_mobile_:


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