John Minford, 2:3 "In war, victory should be swift. If victory is slow, men tire, morale sags. Sieges exhaust strength; protracted campaigns strain the public treasury."

Note the conclusion, the public treasury is strained. Let's talk about that a little. Here in the West, our own accounting practices can only be properly traced to a wonderful Renaissance Fransiscan Father named Luca Pacioli. Here he is:

Well, we do have a tradition that led up to him, dating back to 1,200 AD, and I have to confess I'm not familiar with our financial records from Roman armies, or before them, Egyptian or Babylonian armies. Perhaps we have greater access, a stronger historical record than I know!

Two other things. The dashing man next to Pacioli is believed to be Leonardo Da Vinci, who worked with Pacioli. And, Pacioli's work from 1492 predates every other formal science we have in the West. The science of economics, of business, has never been properly recognized.

Reaching back to , you have to be able to feel his financial prowess. He surely had outstanding accountants working for him. I'm thinking Robert McNamara from Kennedy's Administration. But sadly, Kennedy and Johnson had no Sun Tzu in their employ.

Money is only a measure of energy, in the society or business or family, and it comes solely from a surplus of productivity. If you exhaust it, more productivity must occur. Nothing spends money like war. But look at the other measures too. Strength, morale, tiredness, all spent.

Two 2016 examples demand inclusion. Jeb! and HRC. Look at the treasure spent, and the strength, morale and tiredness resulting from their failed attempts. If you had it to invest, would you give Jeb! $150,000,000 to spend on your behalf for political purposes today?

So, when waging war the real point is speed. Ah, but remember about all those long hours moving toy tanks and ships around on the table sized map in the temple and scoring points? Slow in the temple, fast on the field of fight, that's the way we want it.

In the movement we don't listen so good. We spend infinite hours in political discourse, fighting and fighting and often getting nowhere. Yet, we spend almost no hours in the temple plotting, scheming, analyzing, assessing, planning. Sorry, but I think we suck at planning.

Who among us foresaw the movement coming? Not me. When it came, it appeared to spring up out of Why didn't we see that beforehand? Who do I mean by "we?" I do NOT mean the Trump campaign, or POTUS. I can't speak for them.

No, I'm looking at the slowness of our movement itself to capitalize on our victory of 2016, and do the work to prepare for the fight in the . And what is our treasury that has been spent, or strength, morale, tiredness? It is our fighting spirit.

Tired people, low in spirits and weak in strength do not move fast. So slowly, slowly, slowly while building strength. Good training and good diet, plenty of sleep where possible. Always picturing victory. That's what wants us to do.

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