John Minford, 2:1 "In war, for an army of one thousand four-horse swift chariots, one thousand hide-armoured wagons, for one hundred thousand mail-clad soldiers, with provisions for four hundred miles:"

Well now, aren't we getting specific? Can you see it? 1,000 4-horse chariots. 1,000 hide-armoured wagons. Note the British spelling! And 100,000 mail-clad soldiers. Wow! And all that...for 400 miles? Wow again.

First, slow down and think about an actual chariot. Think about it at war. There you are, poor fellow, just standing there with your bow and arrow, or sword, and a mighty chariot is baring down on you. You're toast. Feel it? Good. That's what we're talking about!

Hide-armoured chariots? Humvees. Yep. Back in the day, a hide-armoured chariot was serious stuff. 1,000 of them? Whew. You do NOT want 1,000 of them driving at you. Honest.

And what in tarnation is inside those horrible wagons? Wagons? This or that, tools of torture and demolition of human beings. We're talking war! Feel it now. War. They're going to kill you war. Not fun. Not pretty. War.

But we're not done. Oh no. 400,000 mail-clad soldiers. These are bad guys. These boys are going to put some hurt locker on you. And I don't care where you are, on no. You're here. You're there. No matter. 400 miles, buddy, I'll come for you. Die. You will die. Yeah.

War. It is a serious matter. We should do it less. Thus, our leader, President Trump, wants to bring our 400,000 mail-clad soldiers home. We're leaving Syria. We're leaving Afghanistan. We're coming home. We're coming home.

Me, idiot me? I'm still angry about 2001. I 100% supported George W. I was happy about shock and awe. I was. And now...well...not so much anymore. Consider, that was 2003. Now, it is 2019. 16 years later, and what have our wars achieved?

Not much. Lives killed. Oh yeah. World changed? Not so much. Maybe it's time we rethink our method. And our President is doing just that. How proud should we be? We should be HUGELY proud. Donald John Trump is a thinker. We need, desperately need to give him credit for that.

400 miles. Have you ever walked, marched, that? No you haven't and neither have I. 400 miles. Think about it. Where do you want to drop American soldiers down to march 400 miles? No, the answer isn't nowhere. Yes, the answer is somewhere, sometime.


But none of this is easy. None of it is automatic. 400 miles. Think about that, will you? is trying to get us to think about how serious this all is. And, if we're going to be worthy students, serious we must be.

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