John Minford, 1:20, "I see it in this way, and the outcome is apparent."

Who am I? says he sees it in this way and the outcome is apparent. He is the master of foreseeing the outcome. So how about you? Can you foresee the outcome? How about me? Can I?

Yes I can and so can you. If you use your mind, you too can see the outcome in advance. That is precisely what planning is. It is to see the outcome before commencing action.

Contemplate 's confidence. A human mind is an amazing thing. When you reach forward in your thinking, it is astonishing what you can foresee.

Will we, in the Movement win or lose in 2020? You have the ability to foresee our victory or defeat.

My prediction is we will win. What do think? But, my call is that we have to fight for every block and every district. There's not a single vote we can take for granted. Not one.

Let's look at this a totally different way. Let's say that you, just like , are the President's adviser. What is your counsel? How do we win? I'll say it again and again. We win one vote at a time.

So here it is, January 30, 2019. How far are we away from November 2020? If you, like me, already know you'll vote for Trump, then you, like me, are a leader. We lead and hopefully others follow.

Note the confidence. The outcome is apparent. Do we have what it takes? If you show up to vote, as I will; if you lead others to vote as I will; then we will win.

The outcome will be apparent.

No doubts we will win but it will be a battle and we can't take anything for granted. We must stand United and VOTE

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