John Minford, 1:19 - referring to temple calculation scores in verses 17 & 18, "Most spells victory; least spells defeat, non, surer defeat."


This is mathematical verse. Most, least, none. Highest score, lesser score, no score. But wait, we're talking about scoring? Points? Who does that? Well obviously, if is going to go to war, he does. And, historically, there can be no question. Generals plan.

I hear all the time that we in the movement need not worry about 2020, as @realDonaldTrump has it covered. He's going to win, I'm told. You can't imagine how much I'd love to believe that. Sadly, I don't. I'm not predicting his failure, not at all.

Rather, I am saying that we, the movement ourselves, have not shown up at the temple to complete our calculations. I'll keep saying it. We're a new movement, and we're not well organized. We don't have strong leadership underneath President Trump. We don't make good plans.

The point of going to the temple, and completing calculations is this. There is no excuse for showing up to battle unprepared. You cannot fight with zero resources. There must be some. So, where and how do you deploy your resources? In the temple, that's what you ask.

So here's what I'm telling you. In 2020 we're going to face the fight of our lives. We may win massively. It may be easy. But even in that case, it's still going to be a fight. And I say, it won't be easy. It is not guaranteed. We must show up ready.

Most, least, none. Highest score, lowest score, no score. Victory, defeat, surer defeat. Let it sink in. Let it sink in deeply. If you had to make the call right now, not over the country, not over a state, but only over your own local community, your own family, who wins?

Please understand, by default, you are a general. You lead. You may not want to, but it doesn't matter what you want. In the , there is simply too much at stake. What does leadership mean? It means you affect others' votes. It means you have influence.

Planning is not complicated. Victory, defeat, sure defeat? Which one? That is the beginning of planning. You simply make a call. Then you take action on the basis of your thinking. Is there a single person in your family who might not vote? Ask yourself.

Here are simple questions to ask:

* Are you planning to vote in November 2020?
* Do you support President Trump?
* Do you know what he stands for, what are the tenets of ?
* Can I tell you why I support the Movement?
* Have you read the Communist Manifesto?

* Have you read the Constitution, and most especially, do you understand all your rights as expressed in the first 10 Amendments?
* If I say to you that America is at a turning point, would you agree?
* How can I persuade you that our rights are at risk?

In future discussions, we'll consider more questions to ask, more debates to engage, and most especially, more actions to take. For today, please return to the math. The score: high, low, none. Narrow your focus to what you can affect.

Enter the temple, and make calculations.

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