John Minford, 1:18, "Defeat belongs to the side that scores the least in the temple calculations before battle."

Defeat. In my experience, everyone denies it. Everyone says it can't happen, it won't happen, victory is certain. So let's go there. Two boxers. Each proposes victory in advance, right? But only one can be right.

It boggles my mind. Why do we always assume victory, when of all things to assume, victory is the one thing that must NOT be assumed? What silliness? What stupidity? What idiocy propagates itself through our minds? Failure, defeat is always an option. It is never not an option.

So how do you win? You win by assuming you won't, unless you do. Victory isn't easy. It's not just up for grabs. If you don't earn it you won't have it. Victory has to be won, silly. But, showing up at the temple, most souls just assume. Their desires will come true. Enough said.

So let's go there. In 2020 we may lose. Picture her, Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren might be POTUS. Hell, it might be HRC. Go there. Picture it. Imagine defeat. Can America survive it? I don't know. I hope so. But I don't know.

Worst case scenario. You have to go there. The Constitution is 100% ripped up. It's bad now. It is. But, in a Democrat presidency, coming up now, we could be all done. And if you don't agree with the current administration, you could be rounded up and executed.

I've shared that I'm reading Chairman Mao. No one knows how many died in his purge. 30 million? 70 million? No one knows how many. The Red Army of America may easily accomplish as many. Hear me. It may be you that dies.

The beginning of wisdom is the recognition of ignorance. We who love America, and assume her safety, are ignorant. America may die. That is what's at stake in 2020. If dies, as well it may, America dies.

How serious is this? My calculations right now have us losing. Can you correct my fears, and tell me I'm wrong? I would LOVE that. More than you can imagine. But, no one has so far. We must face it. The movement is at risk.

Be calm. Risk does not equal sure defeat. But, do NOT be complacent. Do not assume victory, or safety. Simply, calmly, look risk in the eye and decide to address it. Turn to your husband or wife, and ask, who will you vote for in 2020?


Turn to your child, your friend, your neighbor, your business associate and ask, who you will you vote for in 2020?

And here is what I say. I say that victory is ours if we claim it. But, defeat belongs to the side that scores the least. Right now, that's us. We score the least.

Let's address that, as Sun Tzu would have us do.

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