@bobo The part, especially the end, after the 5G interview was the best! Love Dana!

(487) "THIS IS AN IMMΕDIΑTΕ THRΕΑT" Spεciαl Οps Vεt w/ Sεcrεt Clεarancε speaks out! - YouTube youtube.com/watch?v=JNV4r19KQo

▒░▒»»» HEALTH «««▒░▒

▒░▒»»» WARNING 5G «««▒░▒

5G Network is bad for people


Here’s some original music 🎶

“Near By You”
I’m playing guitar. We are in @LarryConnelly s basement in WestPhilly.
Rick Tate is on Ewi
I put the little video together with the images.
A little space jazz jam
“Near By You” was a play on words of “Nibiru”, which was supposed to be very near Earth at that time. 😎😊 10thPlanet
Not really a dance tune. But wanted to share this quick little jam.


Israel’s Secret Weapon: The Talpiot Program & Unit 8200; Theft Of American Technology And Data bitchute.com/video/K2NHkcWKlpm


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